Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time to Start!

You might recall my New Years Resolution in the possibilities post was to Organize!! Oh how my mind has been overflowing with ideas since then. As I normally do, I've let stuff (or excuses?) get in the way of obtaining my goals. Thirty Three days into the new year, I am recommittting to my organization goal and using this forum to hold myself accountable. You see, my word is good. If I committ to someone, it's done. No excuses or backing out at that point. When committing to myself, well you can probably figure that out by this post.

Where to begin?? I have decided to create a space just for me. One where I can close the door and read a good book or work on a craft project and not have to clean it all up to serve dinner only to drag it out again to finish it up. Can I get an Amen here!?!

Currently my husband and I share a small office that looks like this. I should be embarrassed by the clutter, but hey. Just keeping it real here.

Hubbys Desk
My Desk
It is quite difficult to be in this space together as there is no room for us to spread out our stuff to work on our different projects. Of course we could just declutter and make do but we also have a small guest room that looks like this.
Messy bookcase

I do love company and living in a tourist hotspot, I have had my share of overnight guests. But lately the room sits pretty much unused. What if I turn this small guest room into my very own space? Will I still be able to accomodate overnight guests? Well, that is my goal. Thank you for helping me be accountable! I'll keep you posted. 

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