Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's a Start!

Way back in December, I posted my New Years Resolution here. It's all about how I want to organize my home, life, etc... Believe or not, I'm still plugging away at obtaining some sense of organized bliss.  Here is my latest accomplishment (Thanks to my hubby).

A few years ago, I purchased a tool shed for the backyard. The goal was to relocate some of the clutter from my garage so it could become the garage majal of my dreams.

As you can clearly see, that dream has not been acheived!

The shed didn't look much better....
Even my dog is scared looking in there.

Thanks to my hubby's mad carpentry skills, we now have SHELVES!!
Thanks Honey.

Now for the finished product.....
Organized Bliss.....ahhhhh.

It does crack me up that we have FOUR gas cans. We live in the desert, our little patch of grass takes 15 minutes once a month to mow. Maybe this explains what's going on in the garage!