Monday, February 13, 2012

Tell them how you Really Feel!

That's right, go on tell them what you really think of them!! Don't be afraid. Maybe they need to hear it!

A lot of changes happen as we age. One of the positive changes for me is no longer being afraid to say what's on my mind. I no longer have the fear of "Will they think I'm some kind of freak?" In other words, in mid life I'm finally comfortable with who I am. What a great place to be!

 I love to tell people just what I think of them and I am hoping to encourage you to do the same. By now, you might be thinking "What is up with this Chick? Does she go around berating people or what??"  Of course not!! I am talking about really telling people what you think of them, how they have impacted your life or what they truly mean to you. It's easier than you think. Write a letter, send a note card or just look the person in the eye and tell them whatever it is you really like about this person. It doesn't have to be a big production. A few kind words and taking the time to express them is quite meaningful. Just make sure it's genuine and sincere.

My challenge to you. Take an extra 5 minutes this week and let someone know what they mean to you. You might just be glad you did.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why O Why?

Monday was quite the productive day for me. My guest room started becoming my office and craft room. Measurements were taken. Furniture was moved. Power tools were used. Excitement abounded!

Then it started, I showered and headed to Church for a meeting. I had the chills, couldn't get warm. I live in the Desert. It's just not that cold here. Mind was kind of fuzzy. Well, more fuzzy than normal. By the time I arrived home I knew that the flu, yep the stupid FLU had invaded my body. Temperature pushing 101, chills, body aches. Why O Why did I not get a flu shot this year? And Lord, please let me not have infected the entire Church Leadership Committee!!

All my plans for the next day, ca put! Cancelled everything. Still running a fever and feeling achy. That means I am contagious. Germaphobes do not like to spread their germs anymore than they want to receive germs. I must now lay around all day watching TV and playing mindless facebook games while whining "I haaaaate being sick."

That night, lying in bed an itchy spot started annoying me. As my hand made it's way to said itchy spot, bumps were discovered....what the heck is this? Uh all started sinking in, the fever, chills, body ache. This happened once before five years ago. Yep, sure enough. Upon further investigation, it was not the flu at all. I had been bitten by a black widow spider.

On my buttock, my rear end, my behind, my gall darn Butt! How the heck can a spider bite you on the butt and you not even know for 24 hours?? How did the spider get there in the first place and what the heck is a black widow spider doing hanging around my house?? And where is the spider now??? I Must find these answers! Anyone know a good P.I. for hire?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time to Start!

You might recall my New Years Resolution in the possibilities post was to Organize!! Oh how my mind has been overflowing with ideas since then. As I normally do, I've let stuff (or excuses?) get in the way of obtaining my goals. Thirty Three days into the new year, I am recommittting to my organization goal and using this forum to hold myself accountable. You see, my word is good. If I committ to someone, it's done. No excuses or backing out at that point. When committing to myself, well you can probably figure that out by this post.

Where to begin?? I have decided to create a space just for me. One where I can close the door and read a good book or work on a craft project and not have to clean it all up to serve dinner only to drag it out again to finish it up. Can I get an Amen here!?!

Currently my husband and I share a small office that looks like this. I should be embarrassed by the clutter, but hey. Just keeping it real here.

Hubbys Desk
My Desk
It is quite difficult to be in this space together as there is no room for us to spread out our stuff to work on our different projects. Of course we could just declutter and make do but we also have a small guest room that looks like this.
Messy bookcase

I do love company and living in a tourist hotspot, I have had my share of overnight guests. But lately the room sits pretty much unused. What if I turn this small guest room into my very own space? Will I still be able to accomodate overnight guests? Well, that is my goal. Thank you for helping me be accountable! I'll keep you posted.