Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's always an adventure

The first stop on my quest for organizational sundries was a favorite spot of mine, The 99 Cent Store. Yes that mecca of bargains, all for under a buck.

As I walked through the parking lot of my beloved 99 Cent Store, two men looking a little suspicious and quite nervous repeated in a low tone while their eyes were darting back and forth probably looking for DEA, FBI, or some other type of undercover agents, "Tamales....Pork....Tamales."

Uh....WHAT? Did they really just try to sell me a tamale out of the back of their mini-van? Is that a new code word for crack or something?

Of course I behaved just as any good Las Veganite would. I ignored them and kept walking. Didn't even give it another thought as I entered the store.

On my way out though, the men had become brazen in their quest to become tamale pushers. The mini-van hatch was open displaying coolers and Styrofoam containers while they showed off their "product" by munching the tamales. Yes, a much better strategy. You can't get arrested for having a pic nic in the 99 Cent Store parking lot. Kudos men on your entrepreneurial spirit. One hint though, not a lot of people are going to buy prepared food out of the back of a mini-van. Maybe the bags of oranges at the freeway off ramp IS the better idea.

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