Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coupon Craziness

I like knowing what makes people tick. Why they do the bizarre and unnatural things they do. That's what makes me so interested in watching shows about hoarders and other type of extreme behaviors.

Note to self: Use caution when watching these shows around the hubby....

He's very impressed with Extreme Couponing, on TLC. So much so, that he now collects all the abandoned Sunday Circulars from the empty houses in our neighborhood. Did I tell you we live in one of the highest foreclosure zip codes in the nation....Yep, that's a LOT of empty houses in our neighborhood.

That's also a lot of coupons to clip.
This is just a small sample.

It wouldn't be so bad except I am a big supporter of Coups For Troups. That means, instead of just cutting out the coupons I use, every coupon is cut out and either used or donated. Just a small way to thank the men and woman who serve in our Armed Forces.

I've actually gotten a blister on my thumb from clipping so many coupons. Really, a blister is not so bad when you consider what the troops go through for us.....Neither is having a husband that'll walk the neighborhood and pick up the unused circulars without me ever asking. Saving soldiers money, helping the environment (because we recycle), and keeping our neighborhood clean!!  

Would that be killing three birds with one stone? Where did that saying come from anyway??? Why would we want to stone a bird to death??


  1. A little jealous of all your access to coupons. LOL I tell Elliott though that the key to that show is the double coupons and we don't have that around here (or in Vegas). Did Jeff need anything else to obsess over (we all know about his love for meat)? :)

    1. Good things never last forever. Two weeks in a row with no coupons in the free papers!!

      Yep, without double coupons, we cannot come close to the savings on the show. For me 30-40% savings is a great day!! Only once have I gotten over the 50% mark.

      LOL!! I do my best to keep Jeff out of the store. When I was in IL for 2 months, I left him specific shopping instructions and prices on products to "never spend more than this amount on this product". He has finally bowed to me as the shopping queen of our household:) No more suprising me with 40lbs of chicken!!